Together We Get It Done!


Rick had a great way of breaking down the home buying process and making it easy to understand. He was able to put everything into simple terms and helped make me feel comfortable with any decisions I was making. Very responsive. Rick was always available to discuss any documents that came my way, even on the weekends. His quick responsiveness was a HUGE help to landing my dream home. I absolutely recommend Rick to anyone just starting the home buying process.
Jonathan W
Blake was outstanding! First of all, totally got me approved when someone else could not. Second, quick to respond and make things happen. Third, super nice and real. Fourth, great advice and perspective. Lastly, I will refer him to others!
Renee M
This is the second time in a year that we called up Jonathan and asked him to help us get a loan for an investment house. He made the process look easy. Jonathan was available to answer questions whenever we had any, whether he was at home or at the office. We will most definitely call him up again when we’re ready to buy our vacation home. I would recommend Jonathan to all my friends and family. Thank you Jonathan for leading us through another smooth home buying process. Stacy Ross
Stacy R
It was a pleasure refinancing thanks to people like Anita Cavazos.
Oscar S
As a teacher, you should add 2 more options to the scale. One between unpleasant and just OK and one between just OK and great. Rosalyn would be between the just OK and great, trending towards great. Alot of things weren't her fault. Every time she asked me for something, I got it to her, she asked me for something else. The closing date changed 5 times, once again not her fault. Overall she was in contact frequently and helped me through the process.
Paul J
Tiffany was very clear about each aspect of the loan process, she kept me informed about what was needed throughout the process right to the end.
Carl H
I never worked directly with David Stapp just with Jerri Bousquet. But I’m not impressed with there level of professionalism in dealing with my account. I was told they could get me to close before the new year and they dropped the ball continually and now I can’t file for homestead exemption and I had to pay more money at closing due to having to pay for Jan-and feb’s taxes and other expenses that raised my closing costs from what I was expecting. Which put me in a precarious spot financially.
Jonathan C
Great service!!
Rusty S
Fantastic service!
Jake S
Roberto was very helpful and quick to turn around all paperwork and everything necessary for me to obtain my first home.
Liliana G
The level of professionalism yet at the same time very approachable-
Timothy G
Rick was always there for any questions I had. I've gone thru many mortgage refinances in the past and this has to be the most smoothest I've ever had. From Rick and his Team.
Gloria A
No problems.
Jeffrey C
Carol was on top of things she was always available for our many questions even after hours. Carol went above and beyond for us. I appreciate the fact that she text us after closing to see if we needed anything. Diamond is lucky to have het.
Diana H
he was great with advice on how to get thing done.
Justin S